Be sure and check out the face book page for photo,s and movies and information on liverock .SPECIAL  SHIPPING INCLUDED  AQUARIUM LIVE ROCK on 40 lbs of the coralline rock to your door $119.00.Here is a video of the rock    Don’t Wait… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGuG6Sv9Kvo .

We offer Decorative Live Rock with Coralline, Live  tube coral and star clusters, cup corals, and colorful encrusting of sponges with feather dusters and Sponge and Bulb Anemone not Aiptasia , sargassum plants sea squirts , clams and other assorted marine life .,We also offer Premium cured and uncured Coralline Live Rock for your Aquarium.This  live rock is some of the very best for your aquarium and doesn’t require weeks of curing. Shipping is best done same day to local airport for pick up .Here is a video of me collecting LIVE SAND for the aquariums. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35HVGJ_BZYs LIVE SAND COLLECTING UNDERWATER.

Floridaliverock.com has  Coralline live rock which is mostly for foundations in reef tanks where a solid substrate may be needed. Our Live Sand is collected in35 to 50 feet of water from the Gulf of Mexico. The live sand is full of marine life like copepods. Live sand contains copepods is a great product for seeding refugiums as well as aquariums with live rock. I am the only diver collecting in this pristine area.

Gulfview LIVE ROCK marine aquarium live rock has the most living organisms of any live rock available.   Florida aqua-cultured live rock is like a mini reef on each rock full of life . Here is a few 360 degree video of some nice select pieces of saltwater rock.

Live Rock


The cured live rock we sell is some of the best for the marine aquarium. Also the deco would be considered the uncured live rock with the most  marine life on the rocks. We sell to both wholesale live rock distributors and retail customers of live rock and live sand  for over 20 yrs now. JUST started to offer fancy honeycomb dry rock once again and giving Free 4 pieces of seed rock to get you started..30 lbs shipping included just $89.00 have fun watching the marine life spread over to the other rocks in the aquarium.                     This is after six months Growth .
dry rock and seed rock

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